The Vampire Dies In No Time Season 2 gets trailer — director, screenwriter and character designer returning

Episode 12 of the first season of The Vampire Dies In No Time anime series aired today, but fans shouldn’t despair as a The Vampire Dies In No Time Season 2 has already been announced.

Director Hiroshi Kojina, screenwriter Yukie Sugawara and character designer Mayuko Nakano will all be back for the second season of the supernatural comedy.

Madhouse will also continue to animate this utterly silly and quite funny anime series.

A short teaser trailer was released on the anime’s official Twitter account earlier today (see below) to promote the upcoming new season.

That trailer highlights not only the craziness of the popular anime, but also how gorgeous is the anime’s art style.

The Vampire Dies In No Time (aka Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu in Japan) is based on the manga series by Itaru Bonnoki, which has been published in Weekly Shonen Champion since 2015.

The plot goes like this:

Vampire hunter Ronaldo’s new job is to break into a mansion owned by Draluc — a vampire who is said to be invincible. He must do this as Draluc has kidnapped a child.

When he eventually gets into the mansion, however,  and Draluc quickly dies and the kid turns out to be obnoxious and not ‘kidnapped’ at all, Ronaldo quickly realizes Draluc is the weakest vampire around.

Lucky then that, as soon as he dies, he regenerates.

Funimation is currently streaming the first season of the supernatural anime.

No date has yet been announced for the premiere of Season 2, but is likely to be some time in early 2023.


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