Tom Neuwirth’s ‘Goldfinger’ – Some Things Should Just Never Be Lost: Repeat Rotation Video

tom neuwirth goldfinger

A few days ago, a Conchita Wurst fan sent me a link to this video of Tom Neuwirth singing ‘Goldfinger‘ and asked me to feature it in my ‘Repeat Rotation Videos‘.

Tom, as many of you are probably aware, is the alter-ego of Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst and, for a little while, had a singing career of his own. The video in question was his final song during ‘Starmania’ – the first televised competition Tom ever entered, and one in which he ultimately ended up second.

Yes, he should have won. There’s no doubt in my mind. But, when I received the video, I first of all decided not to feature it. Not because I don’t think it’s a good song and a great performance but, because of this. I believe Tom Neuwirth deserves the privacy Conchita is asking for for him.

But, the more I watched it and listened to him sing, the more it stuck in my mind. Until, obviously, from this post, I did decide to listen to it as my Repeat Rotation Video today. And here, right or wrong, is my reasoning for doing so.

Tom Neuwirth’s performance in the video was filmed eight years ago, when he was still only 17. I’m betting anyone recognizing him now on the street from a viewing of this would have to have extraordinarily perceptive powers, and, luckily, most people don’t.

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The video is also widely available online, with a huge number of media outlets having already featured it and linked to it.

But…..the main reason I’m featuring Tom Neuwirth’s ‘Goldfinger’ on my Repeat Rotation Videos today?

Because he really is that good. And something this good should never be shoved back into the shadows, particularly when it’s not ever likely to hurt the person I actually do care about.

So… the video, but do try to do one thing. Get out of your head the idea that “he had potential’, because that……… that is rubbish.

Tom Neuwirth didn’t have ‘potential’, he already had it. ┬áThe incredible talent to move you with his voice, the voice to reach the notes other singers could only dream of reaching, the face to show you exactly what he was feeling, and the huge drive to get as far in the music world as he wanted to go.

That he ultimately chose to channel all that into Conchita, he alone knows why. But as much as I love, love, love that girl, this boy deserves just as much of that because he was…………… spectacular.

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