Tori Amos ‘Christmastide’ EP limited edition vinyl sold out but you can grab the digital edition and should

Alternative rock/pop singer songwriter Tori Amos has her first new music coming out since 2017 next month.

The release is a 4-track EP Amos is calling Christmastide, and will consist of both a digital release and a limited edition vinyl.

On an Instagram post about Christmastide, the singer explained why she was releasing the EP now and, of course, being the political beast she is, the recent U.S. election also came into play.

With Christmastide it was important to be positive and to try and lift people’s spirits. It’s a time of year that should be joyful with family and friends but also can sadly be a very lonely place for some. Many families will be unable to be together this year because of the pandemic as well as many that are also dealing with the aftermath of a long and bitter U.S. Election. I hope these songs contained in this beautiful package can be a small treat to help along the way.

 I hope these songs, contained in a beautiful gatefold package, illustrated by my dear friend Rantz Hosely, can be a small treat to help along the way.

Amos also mentioned she had autographed the limited edition vinyl EPs, which were available at Universal Music.

Sadly, however, they have already sold out. (article continues below…)

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The announcement of Tori Amos’s Christmastide EP also came with the track list:


‘Circle of Seasons’


‘Better Angels’

All the songs are obviously Christmas-oriented, with the description for the release saying about them:

Christmastide is quintessentially Tori, with each track weaving together her thoughtful lyrics, haunting melodies and magical soundscapes. The EP is a celebration of hope and togetherness, featuring her trademark vocals and piano. It also sees the return of her longtime musical collaborators, drummer Matt Chamberlain and bassist Jon Evans.

Tori Amos’s Christmastide is due to release on December 4th. You can pre-order from various outlets or pre-save on Spotify here.

Watch Tori’s Christmastide announcement on YouTube below.


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