Tove Lo’s ‘Sadder Badder Cooler’ gets a Y2K Remix and a cool animated music video

Swedish singer songwriter Tove Lo is one of the millions of artists who cannot perform live this year due to various government’s crazy restrictions as a result of the coronavirus panic.

Restrictions that are destroying music careers worldwide while fewer than 1% of the people contracting COVID-19 die from it (there…rant over…but fucking seriously…how long is this idiocy going to go on over a virus that is still predominantly killing the elderly with pre-existing conditions, while lockdowns and mandatory masks are destroying the future for the other 99% of us, including the world’s musicians?).

That is one reason why Tove Lo’s ‘Sadder Badder Cooler‘ just got a Y2K Remix and, instead of the usual Lo-in-person music videos we get from her, ‘Sadder Badder Cooler’ the Y2K Remix has an animated music video instead.

An extremely cool animated music video though, it must be said, with cartoon Tove dancing alongside her sidekick Sunshine Kitty to this powerful song.

Lo’s ‘Sadder Badder Cooler’ is from the Deluxe version of the Swedish pop sensation’s fourth studio album Sunshine Kitty (hence the animated yellow feline friend).

Tove herself says about the song, which was written to help people dealing with a break-up, “‚ÄúThis song to me is full of glitter and power and I hope it hits heavy with my fans'”.

Well it certainly hit heavy with me, as who doesn’t need a song that can make you feel a helluva lot better about yourself when you are having just an absolutely shit day?

Watch Tove Lo’s ‘Sadder Badder Cooler‘ Y2K Remix animated music video below.

You can grab her latest album Sunshine Kitty on all the usual digital music platforms.


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