Tyler, The Creator’s ‘OKRA’ is a helluva song, even if it is a ‘throwaway’ track

Tyler, The Creator’s ‘OKRA

Rapper Tyler, The Creator released ‘OKRA‘ today, a track he calls a ‘throwaway song’ in the video description, but one he still thought was important enough he promoted it on his Twitter account and he also released a video for it. A video with Tyler in two split-screens, rapping, dancing, riding his beloved BMX bike, wearing designer clothes and generally seeming to be enjoying life.

‘OKRA‘ is the follow up to a single he dropped last year called ‘Ziploc‘. A year that was good to Tyler, The Creator as Flower Boy, his fourth studio album, was released to rave reviews in mid- year, and eventually gained a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album.

As for ‘OKRA‘, it is Tyler’s first release of 2018, but let’s hope it is not his last. Because, while we may not see another new album this year, seeing as how he normally drops one every two years, a few new singles would be very happily received.

Listen to Tyler, the Creator’s newest song ‘OKRA‘ in its official music video below.  Directed by Wolf Haley, the video is trippy and cool, and ‘OKRA’ is a helluva song. Throwaway or not.


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