Watch as Doctor Cha gets hugged by Roy Kim after she falls off a roof – best Ep 7 scene

Doctor Cha, Ep. 7 falling off the roof and that Dr. Kim hug is best scene in the drama so far

I started watching the Korean drama Doctor Cha a little late in the game, so was able to binge-watch the first seven episodes all in one day.

Because, hell, once you start watching Doctor Cha, there is no way you can stop as it is so damned good, right?

Doctor Cha, Episode 7, though, was for me where the comedy medical drama really began to up its game, as the relationship between Doctor Cha (beautifully played by Uhm Jung Hwa) begins to deepen and become more obvious.

Especially with scenes like the one where Doctor Cha falls off the roof as she is trying to save a patient who wants to commit suicide.

Luckily, the fire brigade have already arrived and installed an airmat to catch anyone who might fall.

Namely, in this instance, Cha Jung Sook and her patient.

But it is what happens after Doctor Cha falls off the roof that is the best scene in the drama so far (well, that and the slapping scene in Episode 2).

You know, that scene where Doctor Cha’s vile husband Seo In Ho (masterfully played by Kim Byung Chul) comes running up to her and, instead of finding out if she is alright, starts screaming at her “Are you crazy? Why would you go up there? You almost died!”

But leave it to the lovely Dr. Roy Kim (Min Woo Hyuk) who, after asking “Are you alright?” and receiving the answer that she is, pulls Cha Jung Sook close to him and gives her a tight hug.


The look on both her and her husband’s face was priceless, never mind their son who is also an intern at the hospital and watching from the sidelines.

Watch that fabulous scene where Doctor Cha gets hugged by Roy Kim after she falls off the hospital roof in the Netflix video below again.

Yep, Netflix knows what we K-fans like, right?

Doctor Cha, Episode 7, plus all the other episodes released from the ongoing K-drama so far, is now streaming on Netflix worldwide.

And, just in case you have not begun watching Doctor Cha yet, you absolutely should.

Because yes, I left it a little late to get started, and now it is one of my top two Korean dramas of the current season.

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