Watch Choi Chi Yeol ask Nam Haeng Seon to stay the night in Crash Course in Romance, Ep. 12 – goosebumps

So, I am not embarrassed to admit I watched that scene in Crash Course in Romance, Episode 12 as Choi Chi Yeol asks Nam Haeng Seon to stay the night more than once.


Because goosebumps at just how in love Chi Yeol is, and just how cute Nam Haeng Seon is in shyly responding.

Well, now the Netflix-owned YouTube channel The Swoon has released a video of Chi Yeol (masterfully played by Jung Kyung Ho) asking Haeng Seon (the fabulous Jeon Do Yeon) to stay the night so you, and I, can watch it over and over again.

Come on, nerdy Chi Yeol is adorable, and she is so damned cute.

Especially as this comes after their first fight, and after Haeng Seon was injured by Chi Yeol’s now-appears-to-be-evil secretary Ji Dong Hee.

After all, Haeng Seon has waited a long time for a man to fall in love with her, and Chi Yeol has been lonely for years, even though he only admitted that to himself after he met Haeng Seon.

The video also shows the couple the morning after, as Haeng Seon tries to leave to head to work, and as Chi Yeol pulls her back into bed insisting “Just five more minutes”.

After a night during which he has finally been able to get a good night’s sleep, because now he is loved.

Watch Crash Course in Romance‘s Choi Chi Yeol ask Nam Haeng Seon to stay the night in The Swoon video below.

As you will see from the many articles I have written about Crash Course in Romance so far, this scene and this Korean drama are two of my favorite things this year.

If you haven’t started already, watch Crash Course in Romance on Netflix. It is one of the best K-dramas in a long time.

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Michelle Topham