Wedding Impossible Ep 10 ratings drop again to new all-time low – but there’s a good reason for it

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When the Korean drama Wedding Impossible‘s Monday night episode saw a sizable drop from its previous episode’s rating, I was hoping the Jeon Jong Seo-led drama’s next episode would rally on Tuesday night to higher viewership numbers.

Unfortunately, the numbers for Wedding Impossible, Episode 10 ratings are out and, let’s say, they’re not that great.

According to Nielsen Korea, the Wedding Impossible, Episode 10 ratings saw a drop again on Tuesday night. Both nationwide and in Seoul.

This time, to a new nationwide all-time low for the Korean drama of 2.22 percent, which is almost a 1.0 percent drop from its previous episode’s 3.13 percent.

A worse drop was also seen in Seoul, with Episode 10 of the romantic comedy earning 2.23 percent — down from Episode 9’s 3.42 percent.

But, before you panic that Wedding Impossible is losing its audience right before its final two episodes air next week, there is a good reason why it experienced such a big drop last night.

Why did Wedding Impossible, Episode 10 ratings drop so drastically?

The main reason is the same reason why other Korean dramas airing last night — namely Nothing Uncovered and The Midnight Studiodid not air new episodes.

A football game in the 2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup Asian region second-round qualifiers between South Korea and Thailand was being aired on another network, in a nation crazy about football. (Soccer, to Americans)

(And yes, South Korea beat the pants off Thailand with a 3-0 final score).

That meant, no matter how popular or good a Korean drama was, airing it at the same time as a massively important football game would automatically ensure a big ratings drop.

In other words, you can probably expect Wedding Impossible to grab much higher ratings again when its final two episodes air next week.

Wedding Impossible stars Jeon Jong Seo, Moon Sang Min, Kim Do Wan, and Bae Yoon Kyung, and airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on tvN at 20:50 (KST).

Its next episode, the Korean drama’s penultimate episode, will air on Monday, April 1st.

Meanwhile, you can watch Episode 10 via Viki.


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