What is song on See You In My 19th Life Ep 1 after the car accident and as the children talk about reincarnation

South Korean ballad singer Sunwoojunga is back with another gorgeous K-drama ballad

There is a beautiful song that plays on the new Korean fantasy romance drama See You In My 19th Life right in the middle of the episode. (Listen below)

It begins playing after the car accident as Moon Seo Ha (played by Jung Hyeon Jun) is trapped in the car with a now-dead Yoon Joo Won (Kim Si Ah) lying on top of him.

The song continues playing as the drama reverts back to an earlier scene after Moon Seo Ha’s mother has died, and the two children are at her funeral talking about reincarnation.

That song is a new release from the wonderful South Korean “Queen of the drama soundtrack” singer Sunwoojunga.

The track is called ‘Silence’, and was specifically written for the See You In My 19th Life soundtrack.

The beautiful melancholic ballad was officially released yesterday — June 18th — and is a perfect song for those early and very touching See You In My 19th Life scenes between the two children, with lyrics like:

I don’t need a sound
when I’m with you
A brief eye contact
with a smile on your lips
Because it’s enough

The track is also one of several K-drama soundtrack songs Sunwoojunga has released this year.

Including the equally gorgeous ‘Far Away’, which the South Korean singer recorded for the Divorce Attorney Shin soundtrack.

Listen to Sunwoojunga’s ‘Silence‘ from See You In My 19th Life in the video below.

You can also listen to the track on the Spotify player, which also includes a lovely instrumental version of the song.

And, of course, you can watch the first two episodes of the ongoing Korean fantasy romance drama See You In My 19th Life on Netflix.

The drama itself is wonderful, and a true gem for any lover of a good old-fashioned romance.


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