What is the song playing at end of Because This Is My First Life Episode 7? – Slow, sweet and lovely

There are a plethora of lovely songs on the Because This Is My First Life soundtrack.

One of my favorites, though, is the song that plays at the end of Because This Is My First Life, Episode 7.

That gorgeous song with the melancholy cello, sad strings and sweet vocals plays as Yoon Ji-ho is standing staring at Nam Se-hee realizing she needs to work harder in trying to understand him, while Ji-ho notices the book her co-worker Yeon Bok-nam has given her.

And the English sentiment he has written on its cover.

That song is Moon Sung Nam’s ‘This Life‘, and is a lovely accompaniment to that scene, as Se-hee seems to be realizing he may have feelings for Ji-ho.

Especially with the song’s final lyrics:

Ah ah ah stay with me
Ah ah ah come with me

Stay with me like this without a sound
As if we’re quietly together by fate

Listen to Moon Sung Nam’s ‘This Life‘ on the Because This Is My First Life soundtrack below, and in the video.

Then tell me that gorgeous Korean ballad isn’t the sweetest thing, eh?

The South Korean romantic comedy stars Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min as a landlord and tenant who decide to get married so they can both benefit financially.

But, of course, like everything in life, what they expect during their “two-year contract” isn’t actually what transpires.

And yes, if you haven’t seen it yet, you really should as I think it is one of the most underrated K-dramas streaming right now.

Watch Because This Is My First Life on Netflix.


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