What song plays on Welcome to Samdalri Ep 1 ending – the song Yong Pil sings as a child

There is a song that features heavily on Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 1.


It is the song a young Cho Yong Pil sings on the stage of the TV show while an equally young Sam Dal dances along with him.

The same song that plays over the Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 1 ending scenes in a more modern version.

So, what is the pretty, old-fashioned sounding song that talks about a girl with short hair that the singer still misses years after he last saw her, and who sings it?

Short Hair‘ originally performed by Cho Yongpil

The song is called ‘Short Hair‘ and has an interesting background to it.

That’s because it was originally released back in 1980 by Cho Yongpil — a Korean folk pop, K pop and trot singer who has had an immensely successful career in South Korea over the last almost-five decades.

And yes, his name is the same name as that of the Welcome to Samdalri character.

Hence why young Cho Yong Pil sang ‘Short Hair’ in the Welcome to Samdalri talent show Korea Sings.


SEVENTEEN’s live performance of ‘Short Hair‘ on Immortal Songs

Years after the song’s initial release, boy band SEVENTEEN performed a superb ultra-modern live cover version of ‘Short Hair‘ for the popular South Korean TV show Immortal Songs.

You can watch that performance above — it’s fabulous.


SEVENTEEN’s Dokyeom is the singer who performs ‘Short Hair‘ on Welcome to Samdalri

It is probably not surprising then that SEVENTEEN band member Dokyeom (aka DK) was chosen to record a cover of ‘Short Hair’ for the soundtrack of Welcome to Samdalri.

Dokyeom’s version of ‘Short Hair‘ was released on the Welcome to Samdalri, OST, Part 1 on December 3rd, 2023 and has since amassed almost 2 million streams on Spotify, and almost 1 million plays on YouTube.

Dokyeom, by the way, debuted as a solo singer a few years ago, and has also released songs for the soundtracks of dramas like Tempted, and Twenty-Five, Twenty One.

Listen to Dokyeom’s ‘Short Hair‘ as heard on Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 1 in the music video released for the Korean drama, and via the Welcome to Samdalri OST, Part 1 on Spotify below.

You can also watch Cho Yong Pil perform his original version of the song down there as well.

All 16 episodes of Welcome to Samdalri are streaming now on Netflix.