What song plays over Captivating the King Episode 1 ending? It’s mesmerizing in its loveliness

The Captivating the King, Episode 1 ending song is lovely, not only for its melody but the singer’s beautifully husky voice

The ongoing Korean historical romance drama Captivating the King is already being lauded for the superb performance from male lead Jo Jung Suk.


The K-drama also features a brilliantly-written plot, gorgeous cinematography, sets and costumes, a stellar ensemble cast and pretty soundtrack music.

Music that includes that romantic song playing over the end scene of Captivating the King, Episode 1 as Prince Lee In (Jo Jung Suk) has just protected baduk player Kang Hee Soo (Shin Se Kyung) from being stabbed, and then turns towards him (her) saying “It’s a relief that I took the knife instead of you”.

The song then begins to play as the camera freezes on them, and as stills from the episode flash across the screen.

It then continues playing over the Episode 2 teaser.

So what is that utterly lovely song called, and who is the woman with the husky voice who sings it?

The song playing on Captivating the King, Episode 1 ending is performed by Shin Ji Hoon

That gorgeous song is called ‘Daydreaming‘, which is what both Lee In and Kang Hee Soo seemed to be doing during that end scene, and is performed by South Korean K-pop singer Shin Ji Hoon.

A singer who was also a champion figure skater during her school years, but decided to pursue a singing career instead.

Since her debut as a solo singer in 2017, Shin Ji Hoon has also released songs for the soundtracks of K-dramas Numbers, Perfume, and I Have Not Done My Best Yet among others.

Shin Ji Hoon’s ‘Daydreaming‘ though is one of her prettiest yet.

Not only because the melody is so lovely, but because her husky voice suits both the song and that quite romantic moment when Lee In pulls Kang Hee Soo towards him so he can protect her with his own body.

Listen to Shin Ji Hoon’s ‘Daydreaming‘ from Captivating the King, Episode 1 in the video and via the Spotify player down below.

It is a song I have had on repeat on Spotify since I heard it play on the Korean drama, as it really is quite mesmerizing in its loveliness.

The hit Korean drama Captivating the King, of course, is now streaming on Netflix.


Michelle Topham