What K-drama airs after Queen of Tears ends in same time slot?

Every viewer of Queen of Tears knows the enormously successful Korean drama ends tonight.

But, once the Korean drama ends and you have to stop obsessing over Hyun-woo and Hae In’s private lives, what drama will be hitting the airwaves next week in the same time slot as Queen of Tears to take its place?

Unluckily for you, if you’re a big fan of tvN dramas (and who isn’t), the next show airing in the Queen of Tears time slot won’t be premiering until May 11th.

That means you’ll have a two-week holiday before you involve yourself in more Korean drama angst.

When that time does arrive, though, here’s what you’ll probably be watching next.

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon

The K-drama Resident Playbook was actually supposed to take the place of Queen of Tears but, because of this almighty mess, it has now been postponed.

So… tvN’s next drama airing in the Saturday and Sunday 21:20 slot in South Korea is The Midnight Romance in Hagwon.

The latest tvN drama stars Jung Ryeo Won (May It Please the Court) and Wi Ha Joon (Bad and Crazy), kicks off on May 11th and runs through to June 30th (a planned 16 episodes).

The Midnight Romance in Hagwon tells the story of two academy instructors — one (Jung Ryeo Won) who used to teach the other, and former pupil and now-instructor (Wi Ha Joon) who starts working at the academy so he can reconnect with his first love.

And, of course, she is the instructor who used to teach him.

Ahn Pan Seok (Something in the Rain) is directing.

Where to watch The Midnight Romance in Hagwon outside South Korea

Inside Korea, of course, head to tvN on May 11th at 21:20 (KST).

Outside Korea, several streaming companies will probably be grabbing streaming rights depending on the region but, for those of us in the west, Viki is one of those currently listed as offering it.

Sorry, there isn’t an official English-subbed trailer yet.

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