What song played on Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 4 over end credits? Track features a hella good guitar

The JTBC drama Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 4 was not only a brilliant episode due to the drama and the comedy, it also ended with a bang with a very cool guitar-driven rock song.

A song that kicked in right after attorney Shin (played by Cho Seung Woo) lunged at Choi Joon (Han Jae Seok), the now-ex-attorney for the Keumhwa law firm, once he found out he was also “June Man”.

That rock song is Ha Hyun Woo’s ‘Be Back‘, which was released on the Divorce Attorney Shin Original Television Soundtrack, Pt. 1 on March 4th.

Ha Hyun Woo’s ‘Be Back‘ is a typically cool song for the lead vocalist of the Korean indie rock band Guckkasten.


Yep, that voice belongs to the same Ha Hyun Woo who is also one of the founders of Guckkasten.

A band that has been together since 2003 and under the name Guckkasten since 2007.

A band that is also known for its heavy, hella good guitar riffs, which also nicely appear on ‘Be Back’.

Listen to Ha Hyun Woo’s ‘Be Back‘ from Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 4 end credits in the video, and on the Spotify player.

A player that also features the instrumental version of ‘Be Back‘, so you can really concentrate on that awesome guitar.

Divorce Attorney Shin is now streaming on Netflix.

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