What was song on Divorce Attorney Shin E07 that Shin sings in his kitchen? Another superb trot track

Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 7 continued on with the drama’s history of introducing Korean trot music to both Korean and international audiences with the extended playing of one particular trot song.

That song was ‘Heartless Blues‘ by Kang Seung Mo, and must be a favorite of someone on the show.

The track was heard during the black and white flashback of Attorney Shin Sung Han drinking alone, then leaving the restaurant he was drinking in and walking through the back streets of Seoul.

It is still playing as Shin stops outside a food truck where he is handed free food by the truck’s owner.

Heartless Blues‘ continues as the drama goes back to the present day to Shin in his kitchen making food while he sings along to the melodramatically sad song.

It also makes a reappearance at the end of the episode, as the client Shin is talking to on the phone is listening to the same song on his radio.

The track is another powerful trot song from the legal drama’s soundtrack and one, like all the others from the show so far, I have now added to my Spotify Liked Songs list to listen to on repeat.

And that is just one of many things I am thankful for about Divorce Attorney Shin — introducing me to the trot music genre I had never listened to before.

When was ‘Heartless Blues‘ by Kang Seung Mo released?

As for the history of ‘Heartless Blues‘ by Kang Seung Mo, like many older Korean songs it is difficult to find much information. Especially if you don’t speak fluent Korean.

What I have unearthed though is this.

Heartless Blues‘ by Kang Seung Mo, also known as ‘Heartlessness Blues‘ (aka  무정 부르스  in Korean) was released in 1984 (according to Discogs) on the Korean trot singer’s Kang Seung Mo Best I album.

The heart-breaking track was released again in 1991 on his Heartless Blues album (also called Violet and Purple), with the lyrics in English translation sounding something like this:

There’s no use begging because you have changed이제는 애원해도 소용없겠지 변해버린 당신이기에I can’t ask you to stay by my side, this heart that needs to leave without saying anything내곁에 있어달라 말도못하고 떠나야할 이마음On this night when memories-like lights weep and cry추억같은 불빛들이 흐느껴 우는 이밤에What did you come for to leave behind only scars?상처만 남겨두고 떠나갈길을 무엇하러 왔던가
If I keep looking at you, I’ll hate you because you have believed in me자꾸만 바라보면 미워지겠지 믿어 왔던 당신이기에Hold in your heart the tears that spilled쏟아져 흐른눈물 가슴에 안고 돌아서는 이발길Though the memories of love are blocking the way사랑했던 기억들이 갈길을 막아서지만While the memories remain beautiful, I should go without regret추억이 아름답게 남아 있을때 미련없이 가야지

Kang Seung Mo is a South Korean singer, who was born in September, 1961, and made his professional music debut when he was still only 19 years old.

Since then he has earned much popularity in Korea while continuing to release albums and singles to a wide audience for more than 40 years, and with ‘Heartless Blues‘ becoming one of the singer’s signature songs.

Listen to ‘Heartless Blues‘ by Kang Seung Mo as played on Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 7 on his Violet and Purple (aka Heartless Blues) album below.

There is also a video of a fabulous live performance he gave of the song back in 2006 down there as well. A performance that proves, Kang isn’t just a superb singer, but a helluva guitar player as well.

Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 7 is now streaming on Netflix.


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