What’s the drunken karaoke song on Divorce Attorney Shin, Ep. 2 sung by Shin’s friends?

One of the funniest and sweetest scenes in Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 2 is mid-way through the episode as attorney Shin Sung Han’s friends, Jang Hyung Geun and Jo Jung Shik, arrive at his apartment to cheer him up.

As soon as the drinking starts, of course, Jo Jung Shik (played by Jung Moon Sung) decides karaoke would add something wonderful to the evening.

After going through Shin’s tablet and making fun of his music taste — “His playlist doesn’t even have any Shin Seung Hun songs” — Jung Shik whips a microphone out of his bag, that he apparently carries with him, pairs it with Shin’s tablet and, Bob’s your uncle — Shin Seung Hun’s ‘After a Long Time‘ is now up for karaoke.

Then follows a fabulous scene where Jung Shik and Hyung Geun drunkenly howl away to Shin Seung Hun’s ‘After a Long Time‘, with attorney Shin himself tearfully joining in at the end.

Shin Seung Hun’s ‘After a Long Time‘, by the way, is the title track of his 1994 album of the same name (in Korean — 그후로 오랫동안).

The Korean singer himself, known in South Korean as the Emperor of Ballads, at one point had sold more albums than any other Korean artist.

And yes, even though Shin Seung Hun’s first album was released in 1990, he is still releasing new music, with his latest album My Personas coming out in 2020.

Listen to Shin Seung Hun’s ‘After a Long Time‘ from the drunken karaoke scene in Divorce Attorney Shin, Episode 2 on his 1994 album, and in the video.

The drunk scene was hilarious, but the song is lovely on its own as well.

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