When will Peter Gabriel’s ‘Full Moon’ songs be released in 2023 as part of his i/o album song releases?

With British musician Peter Gabriel’s ‘Panopticom‘ being released earlier today, along with an announcement from the iconic singer songwriter that a new song will be released on every full moon day throughout 2023, fans are already wondering when exactly will those new ‘Full Moon’ songs appear?

After all, with an entire album’s worth of songs on their way for Gabriel’s upcoming tenth studio album i/o, this is a pretty exciting event.

Particularly because this will be Gabriel’s first full album of all original songs since his Up album in 2002.

Yep, 21 years ago.

Here then are the dates Peter Gabriel’s ‘Full Moon’ songs are scheduled to appear in 2023.

There is one full moon every month, with August being the only month that has two full moons.

January 6th (aka Full Wolf Moon) — already released ‘Panopticom

February 5th (aka Full Snow Moon) — second song release

March 7th (aka Full Worm Moon) — third song release

April 6th (Full Pink Moon) — fourth song release

May 5th (Full Flower Moon) — fifth song release

June 3rd (Full Strawberry Moon) — sixth song release

July 3rd (Full Buck Moon) — seventh song release

August 1st (Full Sturgeon Moon) — eighth song release

August 30th (Full Blue Moon) — ninth song release

September 29th (Full Harvest Moon) — tenth song release

October 28th (Full Hunter’s Moon) — eleventh song release

November 27th (Full Beaver Moon) — twelfth song release

December 26th (Full Cold Moon) — thirteenth song release

So now you know.

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