Wolf Parade’s ‘Against the Day’, a synth-heavy track with an addictive melody — listen

Canadian indie rock band Wolf Parade has released their first single in more than two years.

The synth-heavy track, called ‘Against The Day‘, came with an accompanying music video that kicks off with a cool 16-bit intro from chiptune artist Doctor Octoroc.

The video was directed by Scorpion Dagger, and the song has a memorable melody you’ll still be humming hours after you first hear it.

And, while there have not yet been any formal announcements about Wolf Parade’s ‘Against the Day‘ being a release from a possible upcoming new album, that does seem likely.

After all, the band did Instagram a photo back in April about a fifth studio album being pretty much in the box (see below), and now we have a new single.


Two hours ago, Wolf Parade also released information about an upcoming European tour next Spring (see graphic at the top of the page).

With concert dates in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland (come on guys, no Austria??), they are covering much of Europe.

Check out the graphic below for all concert dates. Tickets go on sale this Friday, October 18th at 9am. You can grab them via the band’s website.

You can watch Wolf Parade’s ‘Against the Day‘ music video below as well, and buy the track via the embedded Bandcamp audio file and link too.

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