Aimer’s 3 nuits tour 2024 is an Asia tour but only hits 3 cities

Aimer’s 3 nuits tour 2024 is really just a mini tour

Japanese singer songwriter Aimer does not tour overseas very often and, when she does, it is usually just a few concert dates somewhere in Asia.

That is why, with another tour announced by the singer on her website this week, she is yet again only performing in Asia and, even then, in only three countries.

Disappointing for millions of fans in Asia, and even more disappointing for the tens of millions elsewhere who rarely have a chance to see the Japanese singer perform live.

That being said, for Aimer fans in the following three Asian cities, their June and July is probably now looking pretty good.

Aimer’s 3 nuits tour concert schedule

Aimer’s latest tour to be announced is called the 3 nuits tour (in English ‘the 3 nights tour’), and like it suggests is a 3-night tour that takes place in three Asian cities —¬†Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

A similar schedule to her last international tour — Aimer’s soleil et pluie tour — which took place in 2019, and hit Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai and Guangzhou in China.

The schedule for Aimer’s 3 nuits tour looks like this:

Saturday, June 22nd – NTSU Arena in Taipei, Taiwan
Tuesday, July 9th  РAsia World Expo, Hall 10 in Hong Kong
Date and venue to be announced — Shanghai

No more information about the three concerts has been released, but you can keep updated via the singer’s website.

Meanwhile, Aimer’s latest full-length release is her Open a Door album, which came out in July, 2023.

You can likely expect to hear a few tracks from that album during those 3 nuits coming up soon.

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