Although I Am Not a Hero trailer makes fantasy romance K-drama look intriguing

Introducing the first teaser trailer for the JTBC drama Although I Am Not a Hero (aka The Atypical Family) featuring Jang Ki Yong (Now We Are Breaking Up) and Chun Woo Hee (Delightfully Deceitful).

This fascinating looking fantasy-romance drama delves into the lives of a unique family blessed with supernatural abilities, yet constrained from using them due to various contemporary challenges like suffering from depression, bulimia, mobile phone addiction and insomnia.

Chun Woo-Hee portrays Do Da Hae, a woman who enters the family’s lives and, when she does, immense changes suddenly begin to occur.

The just-released Although I Am Not a Hero trailer

In the Although I Am Not a Hero teaser trailer, we see Do Da Hae talking to a group of people about the family saying, “They say there’s a hidden secret within that family. They possess extraordinary supernatural powers, but due to a modern-day disease, they have lost them”

The group begins to laugh.

We then see several family members showing off their superpowers, until terrible things start taking place involving some of them.

The Although I Am Not a Hero teaser trailer ends with Do Da Hae’s voice asking “Wouldn’t you yearn to return to a time when you were happy?”

What we know about the K-drama’s release?

The upcoming K-drama is being directed by Jo Hyun Taek (Snowdrop), and stars Jang Ki YongChun Woo HeeGo Doo ShimPark So Yi, Kim Su Hyun and Oh Man Seok.

While not a huge amount has been released about the fantasy romance as yet, it has been announced Although I Am Not a Hero is scheduled to premiere on May 4th, 2024 in South Korea.

No word yet on where it will stream in the west though, but we’ll keep you informed as soon as that information is released.

Until then, watch the Although I Am Not a Hero trailer below.

It only gives us a few hints about the K-drama’s plot, but even those brief seconds make this one look extremely intriguing.


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