Crash Course in Romance, Episode 14 gets highest ratings yet – well, that was a helluva’n episode, eh?

Crash Course in Romance, Episode 14 ratings were huge last night

Anyone who watched Crash Course in Romance, Episode 14 last night knows that episode was the best in the rom-com/murder mystery drama so far.

A helluva’n episode full of high-drama, an argument between Choi Chi Yeol and his secretary Ji Dong Hee resulting in Chi Yeol firing him, and a police investigation about the metal ball murders finally hitting high gear.

So much so, Choi Chi Yeol himself was brought in front of the police to answer questions, but was ruled out quickly as the murderer when a clue the police had obtained didn’t apply to Chi Yeol at all.

And, of course, a drama that now has Choi Chi Yeol himself suspecting who the murderer is and, possibly, why.

Throw in that Nam Hae Yi is in a coma, and her crazy mother just showed up and, yep, I watched Episode 14 through twice last night back-to-back, everything about it was so well done.


Choi Chi Yeol comforting Nam Jae Woo at the hospital

Crash Course in Romance, Episode 14 ratings superb for a drama on pay TV

All of that is probably one reason why Crash Course in Romance, Episode 14 ratings on Sunday night were the highest the drama has earned in its entire run so far.

Episode 14 earned a massive 14.2 percent of the audience in its time slot nationwide in Korea, and an even higher 16.8 percent rating in Seoul.

I say “massive” as, don’t forget, the drama airs on a pay channel (tvN), which means it would usually have a lower audience than a drama airing on a free public TV station.

Crash Course in Romance, Episode 14 ratings nationwide were also almost 3 percent higher than its episode that aired the night before, and more than 4 percent higher for audiences in Seoul.

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As someone who loves this drama beyond anything I have seen coming out of Korea since last year’s Crazy Love, I could not be happier.

For the superb cast – especially Jung Kyung Ho (who plays Choi Chi Yeol), Jeon Do Yeon (as Nam Haeng Seon), Oh Eui Shik (as Nam Jae Woo) and Roh Yoon Seo (Nam Hae Yi).

For the phenomenal screenwriter, Yang Hee Seung, who has had me glued to my seat since the first moments of Episode 1.

And for the artists who have contributed such beautiful songs to the drama’s soundtrack (Lee Juck’s The Opposite Side, and Lee Ju Hyuk’s ‘Gypsophila to name just two standouts).

The superb Korean drama finishes its 16-episode run next weekend — Saturday and Sunday night on tvN in Korea at 21:10 (KST).

If Crash Course in Romance, Episode 14 ratings were so high last night, I can only imagine how high its ratings will be then.

Netflix is also streaming the drama, although it is a few episodes behind Korea.

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