Delivery Man, Episode 2 ratings fall – what the hell, this drama is HILARIOUS!

When I checked the official Delivery Man, Episode 2 ratings this morning, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Not only have the Delivery Man, Episode 2 ratings fallen quite markedly from the comedy drama’s first episode, the ratings rise in Episode 2 that I predicted earlier in the day simply didn’t transpire.

Not with Korean audiences at least, with Episode 2 of the rom-com drama dropping from the first episode’s 1.1 percent of audience share in its time slot to a 0.7 percent grab instead.

Leaving me to ask, are Koreans watching the same show I am, as Delivery Man is hilarious, and easily one of the funniest and most well-acted dramas of the year so far?

Come on, just 15 minutes into Episode 1 and I had laughed out loud at least five times.

Of course, with 10 more episodes to go (yep, it’s a shorter 12-episode drama, which I also love), there is still hope Koreans will eventually realize ENA’s Delivery Man is superbly written, brilliantly acted and with one of the most interesting, most entertaining plots for a rom-com in a while.

If not, it may be international audience’s jobs to give this Korean drama the attention it deserves, right guys?

Delivery Man stars Yoon Chang Young, who plays taxi driver Seo Young Min, and Bang Min Ah (aka Korean girl group Girl’s Day’s Minah) who plays ghost passenger Kang Ji Hyun.

A pair that not only have superb chemistry together, but also play off each other perfectly when it comes to their funniest scenes.

If you haven’t yet picked it up, give the drama a go on Viki. I doubt you will be disappointed.

Meanwhile, in South Korea, Delivery Man is airing via ENA, Genie TV and TVING.

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