Doctor Cha Ep. 9 ratings FALL slightly but drama still in FIRST place on Saturday night

Doctor Cha, Episode 9 earns highest ratings on a Saturday night so far

The next episode of my favorite drama this season, Doctor Cha, Episode 9, aired on Saturday and, while the nationwide ratings in both Korea and Seoul fell sightly, the drama still earned first place in its time slot last night.

Those ratings via Nielsen Korea have Doctor Cha, Episode 9 earning 15.58 percent nationwide, while in Seoul the medical-themed rom com earned 15.70 percent of the viewers in its time slot.

Those ratings were down .6 percent and 1.16 percent respectively from the drama’s previous massively popula episode, which aired last Sunday evening.

However, (and there is often a “however” with K-drama ratings), both of last night’s Doctor Cha, Episode 9 ratings are still the highest the drama has earned on a Saturday night so far.

A night that often has fewer-watched TV shows, simply because it is the night of the week many people are out having fun with family or friends.

Next episode of Doctor Cha likely to earn highest ratings yet?

The next episode of Doctor Cha airs later on today and, if my prediction is correct, the episode is very likely to earn the drama’s highest ratings yet as more and more people are realizing how funny and interesting the rom com drama has turned out to be.

When you also look at the rating indicators, as ratings continue to rise enormously for almost every show since its premiere on April 15th, a drama increasing in popularity this fast usually continues to climb until its finale is a blockbuster.

Doctor Cha (aka  닥터 차정숙 in Korean) stars Uhm Jung Hwa as the titular character Cha Jeong Suk, along with Kim Byung Chul as the husband she should get rid of, Myung Se Bin as her husband’s mistress, and Min Woo Hyuk as the doctor who most definitely has feelings for Cha Jeong Suk.

The drama airs on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday evening at 22:30 (KST), as well as streaming via TVING.

Outside South Korea, international viewers can stream it via Netflix in some, not all, regions.

Now, before the next episode airs, re-live some of Doctor Cha, Episode 9’s best moments in the Netflix clip below as, man, that episode was hilarious.

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