Doctor Slump Ep 9 kicks off second half of K-drama with solid ratings

Doctor Slump, Episode 9 ratings still going strong

While the ongoing Korean drama Doctor Slump has never managed to grab huge ratings, it has earned solid ratings throughout its now-9-episode run, with tonight’s episode returning more of the same.

According to Nielsen Korea, Doctor Slump, Episode 9, which kicked off the JTBC drama’s second half, grabbed a solid 5.82 percent of the nationwide viewership on Saturday night.

It’s a viewership lower than its previous episode‘s 6.23 percent, but still the Korean drama’s third-highest rating so far.

Doctor Slump, Episode 9 also earned a strong percentage of the viewership in Seoul, grabbing 6.80 percent, which was almost identical to Episode 8’s rating of 6.82 percent.

Both the nationwide and Seoul viewership numbers placed the Korean drama firmly in the #1 spot on cable TV for all of Saturday.

Doctor Slump continues to rank high on Netflix

Meanwhile, Doctor Slump also continues to perform extremely well on Netflix, with the latest data released on Tuesday via Tudum showing the K-drama still firmly in the Top 10 most-watched non-English TV shows at #6.

The next episode of the Korean rom-com will air tomorrow, Sunday.

It is likely to earn even higher ratings as its Sunday episode has always performed better than the episode airing on Saturday evening.


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