Echo and the Bunnymen’s ‘The Killing Moon’ the song playing on 1899, Episode 3’s ending scenes

English rock band Echo and the Bunnymen’s ‘The Killing Moon‘ was the third ending song played on the new German horror series 1899 this week — 1899, Season 1, Episode 3, “The Fog“.

It is one of eight classic songs that have been a delight to hear, and have added a wonderfully strange mood to each episode’s ending scenes.

I have already said quite a lot about Echo and the Bunnymen‘s ‘The Killing Moon‘, which, after I saw the band play it live decades ago, was one of my favorite gothic rock tracks for a long time after.

The track was released in January, 1984 as the lead single from the band’s fourth studio album Ocean Rain.

The song charted in four countries, with its highest rankings at #7 on the Irish Singles chart, and #9 on the UK Singles chart.

It became a big hit on alternative radio stations in the United States.

The Killing Moon‘ is classified as a new wave/gothic rock track.

Lead singer Ian McCulloch said he wrote the song after waking up with these lines in his head — “Fate up against your will. Through the thick and thin. He will wait until you give yourself to him”.

The song currently has more than 135 million plays on Spotify alone.

Listen to Echo and the Bunnymen’s ‘The Killing Moon‘ as heard on Episode 3 of 1899 on the expanded and remastered version of the band’s album Ocean Rain, and in the song’s official music video.

Oh and, yes, founded in 1978, the band is still together.

Their last full-length studio release was their The Stars, the Oceans & the Moon album, which came out in late 2018.

The German multi-language series 1899, which is from the same creators as Dark, is streaming on Netflix.

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