ENA drama Crash Ep 3 hits highest rating yet – 2nd most-watched show on cable TV

Photo courtesy ENA

The ENA K-drama Crash, Episode 3 aired last night to its highest rating yet, as audiences both nationwide and in Seoul tuned in in higher numbers.

According to data from Nielsen Korea, Crash, Episode 3, grabbed 3.80 percent of the nationwide audience share, which is a nice increase from its previous episode’s 3.03 percent, and a big jump from Episode 1’s rating of 2.23 percent on May 13th.

In Seoul, however, the Korean comedy crime drama performed even better garnering 4.08 percent, which is a more than 1.0 percent increase from Episode 2’s viewership of 3.01 percent.

That means Crash‘s audience has continued to increase with every new episode released so far.

The drama was also the second most-watched show on Korean cable TV last night behind Lovely Runner in first place.

Not surprising in the least, as the Korean drama manages to beautifully mix actually funny humor with solid action, and some superb fight scenes.

Throw in a superb ensemble cast featuring two incredibly kickass female protagonists, and with not a former idol actor hamming his way through every scene in sight, and this one is one of the better K-dramas of the season so far.

Crash is directed by Park Joon Woo (Taxi Driver) stars Lee Min Ki, Kwak Sun Young, Heo Sung Tae, Lee Ho Chul, and Choi Moon Hee, and airs on ENA every Monday and Tuesday evening.

Disney+ (unfortunately) has licensed the drama for international audiences, and is doing its usually terrible job at promoting it.

In other words, can we please start lobbying Korean production companies to turn down offers from Disney and try to woo Netflix instead as, at least on that streaming platform, K-dramas don’t go off to die.


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