Flex X Cop Ep 4 rating steady as international fans say Ahn Bo Hyun drama even more fun as it progresses

Photo of Ahn Bo Hyun in Flex X Cop courtesy SBS TV

The ongoing tvN drama Flex X Cop earned another solid rating for its fourth episode tonight.

Just like its previous episode, Flex X Cop, Episode 4 was the sixth most-watched TV show on South Korea TV today, this time earning 6.3 percent of the nationwide viewership.


That rating fell slightly from Episode 3’s 6.6 percent audience share, but is such a small drop it is insignificant.

International reaction to Flex X Cop

Meanwhile, international viewers are still giving the Ahn Bo Hyun-led drama very solid ratings with My Drama List users currently rating it an 8.2 out of 10, and IMDB users awarding the K-drama an 8.1 out of 10 stars.

Comments about the Flex X Cop plot and its main cast are also largely positive with several people saying the K-drama is getting even better with each episode:

I’m honestly liking this more by each episode. I wasn’t that sure about continuing this after the first two but I’m really vibing with this now. The main leads are a really fun pair and the central plot seems like it’s gonna be interesting.


Oooh this is getting interesting! The female lad is also improving. Yep, Episodes 3 and 4 are definitely better than 1 and 2.

Flex X Cop stars the previously mentioned Ahn Bo Hyun alongside female lead Park Ji Hyun. Both of whom are superb in their roles.

It airs every Friday and Saturday evening on SBS TV in South Korea, with Disney Plus streaming the K-drama for its international subscribers.