Flex X Cop Ep 8 ratings jump again to an even higher all-time high – tie with Korea-Khitan War

It appears the high ratings Flex X Cop earned on Friday night in South Korea weren’t a fluke.

Not when you look at how well the K-drama’s latest episode performed when it aired earlier tonight.

In fact, according to just-released data from Nielsen Korea, tonight’s Flex X Cop, Episode 8 ratings jumped even higher than Episode 7’s, going from Friday night’s nationwide viewership of 9.9 percent to Episode 8’s 11.0 percent today.

That means, in just two episodes, the Korean drama has skyrocketed from Episode 6’s audience share of 6.2 percent to tonight’s 11.0 percent — and another all-time ratings high.

Not a bad performance, eh?

Flex X Cop, Episode 8 ratings in Seoul

As you might expect, the SBS TV drama performed even better in Seoul than it did nationwide, jumping from Episode 7’s viewership of 10.4 percent to tonight’s audience share of 11.5 percent.

Again, that means in just two episodes, Flex X Cop has seen its Seoul audience share jump 4.3 percent from what the drama earned for Episode 6.

Flex X Cop ties with Korea-Khitan War for 2nd place

Alongside Flex X Cop‘s high ratings tonight, the KBS2 drama Korea-Khitan War also earned the same 11.0 percent rating nationwide.

Thus meaning Flex X Cop and Korea-Khitan War tied as the second most-watched TV shows on South Korean TV for all of Saturday.

Flex X Cop stars Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun and, with its first half now over, will kick off its second half next next Friday evening.

Fingers crossed the Korean drama continues to see high ratings as it really has been one of the most entertaining shows of the current drama season.


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