Flex X Cop Ep 7 ratings skyrocket to highest yet – huge jump from previous episode

Photo courtesy SBS TV

The Flex X Cop, Episode 7 ratings are out and, with the drama being the only one airing on Friday night this week now that Knight Flower has ended, it has earned its highest rating yet.

Well, being both the sole drama airing and the Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun-led drama being well-acted, well-directed and well-written are likely the reasons the Korean drama has seen its ratings climb so high this week.

According to Nielsen Korea, those Flex X Cop, Episode 7 ratings skyrocketed on Friday night with the Korean drama earning 9.9 percent of the nationwide audience.

That is a huge 3.7 percent ratings jump compared to its previous episode‘s 6.2 percent, and one that was high enough to make the K-drama the 2nd most-watched show on nationwide TV for all of Friday.

Seoul ratings for Flex X Cop, Episode 7

In Seoul, Flex X Cop, Episode 7 saw a similarly huge ratings jump, earning 10.4 percent of the viewership.

That rating was 3.2 percent higher than Episode 6, and enough to make the drama the #1 most-watched show in the region on Friday.

When and where to watch the next episode of the K-drama

The next episode of Flex X Cop airs tomorrow night on SBS TV at 22:00 (KST).

Let’s see how its ratings perform then when it airs around the same time as at least two other dramas.

Meanwhile, if you are outside South Korea, you can watch the latest episode of Flex X Cop via Disney Plus.


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