Korea-Khitan War Ep 27 grabs 2nd highest rating of run with 5 episodes left to air

Just to prove the KBS2 drama Korea-Khitan War has only gained in popularity the more episodes have aired of its 32-episode run, you only need to look at the ratings for Saturday night’s episode in South Korea.

Not only did Korea-Khitan War, Episode 27 earn 11.0 percent of the audience share, it also earned its second-highest rating of its entire 27-episode run.

A rating that was only 0.50 percent lower than the 11.5 personal best the Korean drama garnered for its previous episode, and double the rating it earned for its first episode on November 11th.

In addition, Korea-Khitan War, Episode 27 was the second most-watched TV show in Korea for all of Saturday, in a tie with the latest episode of Flex X Cop, which also grabbed the same 11.0 audience share.

Quite an admirable feat when you consider how many weeks the K-drama has now been running, and that it still has five more episodes left to air.

Korea-Khitan War, Episode 27 ratings in Seoul

In Seoul, the KBS2 historical drama was just as successful, grabbing 9.7 percent of the viewership in the country’s capital city.

Again, only a small 0.50 percent drop from its previous all-time high for Episode 26.

Considering a drama must be pretty addictive to have so many people tune in for 27 episodes, it only helps prove again just why Korea-Khitan War was so successful during December’s KBS Drama Awards.

Korea-Khitan War stars Kim Dong Jun, Choi Soo Jong, and Ji Seung Hyun, with its next episode airing later on tonight.

Let’s see where the superb Korean drama’s ratings end up next, eh?

Update: Want to see the superb ratings Korea-Khitan War ended up with for its final episode?

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