Go Hyun Jung to star in ‘Namib’ as CEO Kang Soo Hyun? Possible 2nd drama of 2024 for Korean actress

Go Hyun Jung to star in second drama of 2024?

On February 19th, Korean news media unveiled exciting news regarding actress Go Hyun Jung‘s potential involvement in the upcoming drama Namib (working title, which could change).

According to reports, Go Hyun Jung’s agency, IOK Company, then confirmed that the popular actress has been approached for a leading role in Namib and is presently evaluating the offer.

According to the same news media, Namib tells the tale of the relationship between the CEO of an entertainment agency and her male trainee.

Sources suggest that Go Hyun Jung has been offered the pivotal role of CEO Kang Soo Hyun, a character who initially harbors dubious intentions towards the trainee Yoo Jin Woo, but later aids him in realizing his aspirations.

If she accepts the Namib part, it will be the actress’s second drama of 2024, as she is also set to star in the upcoming drama The Mantis.

Go Hyun Jung’s esteemed career

The 52-year-old Go Hyun Jung has been in the entertainment industry since she was a former Miss Korea runner-up in 1989, and soon after accepted her first acting role.

Since then, she has starred in numerous popular Korean dramas, including Queen Seon Deok, Dear My Friends, Reflection of You and My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2: Crime and Punishment.

In 2023, she starred in the hit Netflix drama Mask Girl as one of the versions of Kim Mo Mi.

No more information about Namib or Go Hyun Jung’s potential co-stars has been released as of yet, except that the upcoming drama series is being directed by Jung Da Won (Miss & Mrs. Cops).

Stay tuned for further updates on this interesting-sounding project, and Go Hyun Jung’s possible involvement in it!

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