Good news: Lee Jae Wooks’ agency takes legal action against people leaving malicious posts and lies

Lee Jae Wook in the recent drama Death’s Game – photo courtesy TVING

Lee Jae Wook’s agency suing toxic fans after response to his relationship with aespa’s Karina

Anyone who is involved in the K-drama or K-pop industry knows a substantial percentage of the so-called “fandom” is toxic.

Especially in Korea, where Korean actors and K-pop stars are often subjected to malicious comments and lies simply because they did something a certain segment of the fandom does not like.

Case in point, Korean actor Lee Jae Wook whose agency announced earlier this week is now dating aespa’s Karina.

When that news came out, some of the people involved in his “fandom” then decided who the 25-year-old actor and model has chosen to date isn’t to their liking.

That’s why some of them have taken to social media and other online forums to leave malicious comments and lies.

Both about Lee Jae Wook himself, and his new girlfriend Karina.

Lee Jae Wook’s agency taking legal action against fans for malicious intent and slander

As Lee Jae Wook’s agency C-JeS Studios takes slander very seriously (as they should), they have now announced legal action will be taken against anyone leaving malicious posts about the actor, or lying about him.

In an Instagram post about Lee Jae Wook earlier today, C-JeS Studios said:

Hello this is C-JeS Studios.

After an article about Lee Jae Wook’s personal life was published, the official stance was that the two are cautiously getting to know each other, so we asked for everyone to keep a warm eye on them.

Since then, we have seen insulting posts online that slander the actor and contain false facts with malicious intent.

We would like to inform you that this is a serious violation of personal rights, and thus we will be taking strong civil and criminal legal action through our legal representatives.

Meanwhile, we are constantly monitoring online.

Fans are also encouraged to report malicious cases to the following email address, which will be used for legal response.

In other words, if you see someone leaving lies or comments about Lee Jae Wook, copy the offending post and the URL it appeared on, and send it to C-JeS Studios.

If you are one of those nasty people leaving malicious posts or spreading lies, be prepared to be sued both in civil and criminal court.

As you should be.

Meanwhile, C-JeS Studios also announced earlier today Lee Jae Wook will not be renewing his contract with them.

That, obviously, will not be stopping them from filing lawsuits against his detractors on his behalf.

Good news, eh?

As for aespa‘s Karina, she and the rest of the group she belongs to are represented by SM Entertainment.

Here’s hoping than that they have a similar response to the so-called “fans” going after their artist as well.

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