Kim Jung Hyun starring in Iron Family weekend drama – the Korean actor’s first 50-episode (plus?) project

Korean entertainment news has been reporting today that actor Kim Jung Hyun has been confirmed as the male lead in the upcoming KBS2 weekend drama titled Iron Family (titled 다리미 패밀리 in Korea).

Scheduled to premiere once the ongoing Beauty and Mr. Romantic ends, Iron Family will mark Kim Jung Hyun’s first time leading a 50-episode-plus weekend K-drama.

According to reports, Iron Family tells the story of the often strange dynamics of family relationships in today’s modern society.

Iron Family is being direct by Sung Joon Hae (My Life) and was written by Seo Sook Hyang (Wok of Love).

Kim Jung Hyun will portray the character of Seo Kang Joo, who is the central figure in the narrative in what is reportedly a black comedy.

Geum Sae Rok (The Interest of Love) plays the female lead.

Kim Jung Hyun’s previous acting work

Debuting in the film I’ll Be With You in 2012, Kim Jung Hyun went on to star in popular K-dramas like Time, Crash Landing on You, Eulachacha Waikiki, Mr. Queen, and last year’s Kokdu: Season of Deity.

He has also had main roles in movies like Unforgivable, Overman and Stay With Me.

As for Iron Family, that kind of project is a huge commitment for any actor, and specifically for one who hasn’t worked on a 50-plus episode drama series before.

But it is likely a challenge Kim Jung Hyun has welcomed as it is now a year since his previous K-drama project Kokdu: Season of Deity ended.

Besides, if Iron Family is successful, and it very well could be as he is a superb actor, he is likely to see a huge number of offers coming in for other roles when it ends.

Iron Family is slated to premiere on KBS2 some time in September in the usual 7:55 pm (KST) weekend drama time slot.

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