Kim Young Dae to star with Kim You Jung in Dear X? Here’s what we know so far…

Well, that didn’t take long.

After we reported Korean actress Kim You Jung was in talks to star in the upcoming dark drama Dear X yesterday, and mentioning that names of possible co-stars had not yet been announced, less than 24 hours later and Kim Young Dae is now the man at the top of that list.

According to Korean news media, Kim Young Dae has been cast as the male lead in Dear X.

Not so fast, though, as his agency, Outer Universe, responded to that apparently fake news earlier today by saying “Yes, Dear X is one of the projects that has been offered to Kim Young Dae, but he is currently simply reviewing that offer”.

Should both actors accept the roles offered to them, though, (and we will keep you posted here at Leo Sigh as more news is released), it would be an interesting pairing.

Kim Young Dae, of course, was superb in the recently-ended Moon in the Day (the drama was a disappointment due to the poor writing, but the actor did a wonderful job with the scripts he was given).

He also turned in an amazing performance in the The Penthouse: War in Life. So much so, he was given several awards.

That performance was then followed by equally brilliant performances in Sh**ting Stars, and The Forbidden Marriage.

Yep, the man can act.

As for Kim You Jung, she, of course, recently starred, and was brilliant in, the smash-hit drama My Demon alongside Song Kang, and in the quite strange Netflix drama Chicken Nugget.

Get both of them together on screen in Dear X, with its apparently quite disturbing subject matter, and the drama be a must watch as both actors always perform superbly in roles they can really sink their teeth into.

The plot of Dear X, by the way, goes like this:

Ajin Baek is an actress at the top of her game. She has everything. She’s a beautiful, award-winning actress, the public loves her, and she’s about to announce that she’s getting married.

But on the night of the award ceremony, a news program exposes the darkness behind Ajin’s glittery exterior. Just how far was Ajin willing to go to get to where she is now?

Again, as I told you yesterday, the webtoon Dear X is based on is available to read via Webtoon.

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