Listen to Raign’s ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ from Legacies, Season 3, Episode 4

In last night’s incredibly good episode of Legacies, it wasn’t just the The Super Squad kicking some ass that was so great, it was also the strengthening relationship between Hope and Landon.


And the fact that the couple have finally made love by the time the episode ends.

A scene that was not only beautiful but disturbing in itself (having sex on the filthy floor of a crypt), but that was also musically illustrated with a gorgeous song — British singer songwriter Raign’s ‘Things Can Only Get Better‘, which was heard on Legacies, Season 3, Episode 4, “Hold on Tight“. (aired on February 11, 2021)

Raign’s ‘Things Can Only Get Better‘ is from the singer’s double album SIGN from Above — the Deluxe Edition of her 2018 album SIGN, which was released in 2020 via Millionaire London Records.

The song is one of many the London native has had licensed for play on popular TV series, including recent tracks on Grey’s Anatomy, The 100, Containment, World of Dance, Pretty Little Liars, Station 19, Hollyoaks, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, as well as films like Tall Girl

With the maturity of her music and her rich vocals, that is likely to continue.

Listen to Raign’s ‘Things Can Only Get Better‘ from Legacies in both the Spotify player and video below.  It is already a Legacies‘ fan favorite.

Learn more about Raign on the singer’s official website.