Listen to Regina Price’s ‘Safe’ from Virgin River, Season 2, Ep. 6, “Out of the Past”

Indie singer songwriter Regina Price’s ‘Safe’ was one of the songs played on the latest season of the romantic drama Virgin River this month — Virgin River, Season 2, Episode 6, “Out of the Past“.

The track was heard as Mel puts Mark’s memorial boat on the surface of the river, and as there is a flashback of Mark enjoying himself sailing.

And while there is little or no information about the singer online, she has most definitely been making a pretty decent career for herself licensing her music to a variety of hit TV shows.

Price’s music has become an almost regular occurrence on Grey’s Anatomy, for instance, and has also been licensed for Lucifer and Nancy Drew.

Not surprising really as Regina Price’s voice has a lovely ethereal quality to it, and her songs tend to be sad, pretty and memorable. (continue reading and listen to Regina Price’s ‘Safe‘ below…)

Listen to Keane’s ‘Thread’ from Virgin River, Season 2, Episode 6, “Out of the Past” — heart-breaking

Perfect for those dramatically sad scenes in TV dramas.

Listen to Regina Price’s ‘Safe‘ in the video and on the Spotify player below. You can also listen to more of her work on Spotify and on Deezer.

Meanwhile, every episode of the first two seasons of Virgin River can currently be streamed on Netflix.



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