Listen to Young MC’s ‘Bust a Move’ from The Rookie, S6 Ep 2’s wedding party

The latest season of the cop show The Rookie still features superb music on every episode’s soundtrack, with this week’s episode even using Young MC’s ‘Bust a Move‘ as one of the songs played at the wedding party — The Rookie, Season 6, Episode 2, “The Hammer“.

The song began playing as James goes to Randy, who is the DJ at the wedding, and asks if he can share his playlist.

He then hits ‘Play’ and we hear Young MC’s ‘Bust a Move’, which, unlike the music Randy is playing, brings half the wedding party onto the dance floor.

When did Young MC’s ‘Bust a Move‘ come out?

British rapper Young MC released the track as the third single from his debut studio album Stone Cold Rhymin‘, which came out on the Delicious Vinyl label in 1989.

The song became Young MC’s most popular song and biggest hit, going on to reach the #7 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

It also hit the Top 10 on four other American charts, including climbing to #2 on the Hot Rap Singles chart.

In the UK, ‘Bust a Move‘ ranked at #73 on the UK Singles chart, while also charting in five other countries.

The hip hop track has since been certified Gold in Australia and Canada, and Platinum in the U.S.

Young MC’s biggest achievement with the addictive and catchy ‘Bust a Move‘, however, was when the young British rapper won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance for the track.

Listen to Young MC’s ‘Bust a Move‘ as played on The Rookie this week on the song’s music video (and yep, sorry, it only seems to be available at 240p), and via the rapper’s debut studio album below.

Over 30 years since its release, and it’s still a helluva fun dance track.


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