Live Your Own Life Ep 7 has BIG ratings increase – Most-Watched Show on Sunday again

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Live Your Own Life, Episode 7’s ratings second-highest of its run

The KBS2 drama Live Your Own Life, Episode 7 aired last night garnering a big increase in its ratings over its previous episode.

That increase occurred both nationwide and in Seoul, with the ratings carrying the family drama into the #1 most-watched show on Sunday position yet again.

According to new numbers from Nielsen Korea, Live Your Own Life, Episode 7 earned the drama’s second-highest ratings since the show premiered on September 16th.

They were 16.8 percent nationwide, which is a big increase from the previous episode’s 14.3 percent.

In Seoul, the drama saw a similar increase with the seventh episode grabbing 15.7 percent of the audience share, which is a substantial increase from the rating for Episode 6 of 12.9 percent.

The ratings increase, though, was to be expected as Live Your Own Life’s ratings were pummeled over the last few weeks due to constantly being postponed because of the Asian Games airing on Korean TV.

Now the Games have ended, viewers are able to confidently predict when their favorite family drama will air, and don’t have to waste time sitting down to watch it only to discover football or boxing instead.

Where to watch Live Your Own Life?

Live Your Own Life stars Uee, Ha Jun and Go Joo Won, and airs every Saturday and Sunday night on KBS2 at 20:05 (KST).

The next episode will air on Saturday, October 21st, with both Kocowa and Viki streaming the drama for international viewers. You can watch Episode 7 on those platforms now.

The way things are going for this excellent weekend drama, you can probably expect its ratings to rise again next week as well. Fingers crossed.

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