Missing Crown Prince Ep 4 ratings steady as K-drama retains higher audience it gained with Episode 3

Photo courtesy MBN

With the latest numbers out from Nielsen Korea for the Missing Crown Prince share of the cable TV audience on Sunday night, it appears the Korean historical romance drama managed to retain the substantial audience increase it gained with its Saturday night episode.

That’s because the Missing Crown Prince, Episode 10 nationwide rating was a decent 2.51 percent last night — which is only a tiny fall from the K-drama’s third episode’s rating of 2.62 percent — an audience share itself that doubled from that of Episode 2.

In Seoul, the Missing Crown Prince audience share experienced a slightly bigger drop, but its audience was still almost double that of its first episode, which premiered on April 13th.

Don’t forget too, the MBC drama is quite a bit longer than the usual 12-16 episode K-drama, as this one runs for 20 episodes and won’t air its series finale till June 16th.

In other words, plenty of time for the Missing Crown Prince ratings to continue to rise.

The Korean drama stars EXO’s Suho, alongside Hong Ye Ji, Myung Se Bin, Kim Joo Hun, and Kim Min Kyu.

Meanwhile, here’s the Missing Crown Prince trailer if you haven’t yet started watching it, which you can do now on Viki.

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