Park Eun Bin to star in The B Team K-drama helmed by director of Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

Park Eun Bin starring in Castaway Diva – Photo courtesy tvN

The latest news out of South Korea today says Korean actress Park Eun Bin may be starring in a new drama helmed by Yoo In Shik, the director of her smash-hit Netflix series Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

According to Korea’s Star News, Park Eun Bin will be starring in a drama called The B Team (working title), which is being directed by the same director who not only helmed Extraordinary Attorney Woo, but also hits like Dr. Romantic, Mrs. Cop and Vagabond.

The new drama is being written by screenwriter Heo Da Joong of the film Extreme Job with scriptwriter Kang Eun Kyung (Dr. Romantic) as a co-collaborator.

In response to the reports, Park Eun Bin’s agency, Namoo Actors, has confirmed the 31-year-old actress is currently reviewing an offer to star in the upcoming K-drama.

What is the plot of The B Team?

While only the basics are currently available about The B Team plot, we do know the story follows a group of flawed psychics who have superpowers they would rather not have.

According to the production company, the new K-drama was originally meant to be an adaptation of an IP from Marvel’s Stan Lee, but it has since been decided to produce a completely original story with no connection to the Marvel IP.

Park Eun Bin’s role in The B Team?

Star News is also reporting that, if Park Eun Bin accepts a role in The B Team, she will play Eun Chae Ni, the granddaughter of the owner of a large family restaurant.

They also add, “Her character is intelligent, polite, and eager to do anything, but because she has a heart that is different from others, she grows up to be hard-hearted and lives her life on a slippery slope, with often negative consequences.”

Meanwhile, Park Eun Bin is busy filming her latest K-drama Hyper Knife, alongside Sol Kyung Gu, Yoon Chan Young and Park Byung Eun.

That drama tells the story of gifted doctor Jung Se Ok (Park Eun Bin) whose medical career is destroyed by her mentor Choi Deok Hee  (Sol Kyung Gu) after he kicks her out of his operating room.

We’ll keep you updated as more information is released about The B Team, and Park Eun Bin’s possible involvement in it.

Meanwhile, if you would like a Park Eun Bin fix, as she is currently one of the best actresses in South Korea, her hit dramas Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Castaway Diva are still streaming on Netflix.

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