Park Eun Bin to star in Hyper Knife medical drama from God’s Quiz: Reboot writer?

Photo courtesy tvN

Now that Korean actress Park Eun Bin‘s latest hit drama Castaway Diva has finished airing, the 31-year-old actress is apparently in talks to star in a new medical crime thriller from the pen of God’s Quiz: Reboot writer Kim Sun Hee.

After Star News in Korea reported a new potential starring role for Park Eun Bin, her agency Namoo Actors commented earlier today that the actress has received an offer to star in the upcoming medical drama, and is currently reviewing it.


Called Hyper Knife (working title), the upcoming medical drama will be a first for the talented South Korean actress, who is already known for her superb performances in dramas like Extraordinary Attorney Woo, The King’s Affection and Do You Like Brahms?

A medical drama, however, and especially with the markedly different role she has been tagged to play in Hyper Knife, could be something that is a welcome challenge.

A challenge, of course, that Park Eun Bin will beautifully overcome, just like she has done in every drama she has performed in so far.

Park Eun Bin to play Jung Se Ok in Hyper Knife

According to Korean news reports, the role Park Eun Bin would play in the medical thriller is Jung Se Ok, a brilliant doctor who was admitted to medical school at just 17 years of age.

She was eventually stripped of her medical license after she was accused of being involved in the attempted murder of her mentor, Professor Choi Duk Hee, a professor of neurosurgery at Yonsei University.

Years later, Jung Se Ok reunites with her genius mentor, but is she a would-be murderer and a psychopath or something else entirely?

And what about Choi Duk Hee? What role does he play in all of this?

Meanwhile, it was also reported back in November actor Sol Kyung Gu (Kill Bok Soon) is also in talks to play the role of Choi Duk Hee.

If Sol Kyung Gu also stars in Hyper Knife alongside Park Eun Bin, it will be his second K-drama confirmed in the last few months.

It will also be one of the primarily film actor’s first two dramas in almost 25 years, since his support role in Happy Together back in 1999.

Hyper Knife is being produced by  Dongpung Co., Ltd. and Vlad Studios.

Until more news about Park Eun Bin’s role in Hyper Knife, watch her in her latest role as Seo Mok Ha in Castaway Diva on Netflix. (trailer below)