Hyper Knife main cast is Sol Kyung Gu, Park Eun Bin, Park Byung Eun, Yoon Chang Young – here’s the lowdown on the plot

South Korean actors Sol Kyung Gu, Park Eun Bin, Park Byung Eun, and Yoon Chan Young have been confirmed as starring in the thrilling new medical-themed crime drama Hyper Knife (working title).

We first heard about Hyper Knife last November, when Korean news media was reporting Sol Kyung Gu was in talks to star in the upcoming K-drama, followed by other stories in December of Park Eun Bin also considering accepting a main role.

Hyper Knife was in the news again in January when nosy South Korean “fans” and “news” media were suddenly gossiping about how much Park Eun Bin would be paid for her role. (None of your business!)

So, to now have confirmation that both Park Eun Bin and Sol Kyung Gu are starring in Hyper Knife, plus Park Byung Eun and Yoon Chan Young being added to the main cast, is a nice ending to a few months of speculation.

What is Hyper Knife?

Hyper Knife is the story of two people — Doctor Se Ok (Park Eun Bin) who was once a celebrated doctor after being admitted to medical school at just 17 years of ago, but whose career was destroyed by her then-mentor neurosurgery professor Choi Deok Hee (Sol Kyung Gu).

In the present day, the pair reunite.

Se Ok is now a doctor working in an illegal operating theater after she was thrown out of Deok Hee’s operating room and her career collapsed as a consequence, while Deok Hee is the apparent cause for her demise.

The crime drama is written by God’s Quiz: Reboot writer Kim Eun Seon, and will be directed by Kim Jung Hyun (Crazy Love).

With those two involved then, Hyper Knife is likely to feature a gripping and unusual plot, and stellar cast performances.

As for the two other main cast members, Park Byung Eun is playing Han Hyun Ho, an anesthesiologist who believes Se Ok’s talents should have been put to better use, while Yoon Chan Young is Seo Young Joo, a man who has always had Se Ok’s back.

With filming already underway, the supposed 8-episode K-drama may hit the airwaves faster than we expect.

No word yet though on when or what network, but it has been rumored Disney + is in talks for the international rights.

One thing we do know though is, with a suspenseful premise, well-written scripts, and a cast that could be one of the best ensemble casts in a while, Hyper Knife is likely to crank up the excitement more than a few knotches.

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