It’s none of your business what Park Eun Bin earns for Hyper Knife

Park Eun Bin’s salary for Hyper Knife is nowhere near what is being reported

One thing I will never understand about the Korean drama industry is how much news media and so-called “fans” stick their noses into other people’s business.

The latest drama industry’s “news” out of South Korea, for instance, is how much money Park Eun Bin is being paid for her role in the upcoming drama Hyper Knife (working title).

Something, apparently, Korean “news” media believes is their business, and something fans have been discussing on social media.

Regardless that the amount of money being spoken about is likely untrue or that, even if it is, the money Park Eun Bin earns for Hyper Knife is nobody’s business but Park Eun Bin herself, her agency and the production company paying her.

Because of this rumor wrapped up as so-called “news”, however, Park Eun Bin’s agency has been forced to come out and state that the amount of money being reported by the “news” media (potentially 300 million won or approximately $225,000 per episode) is nowhere near the amount of money being discussed by the Korean actress, her agency and the Hyper Knife production company.

In fact, Namoo Actors, Park Eun Bin’s agency, announced not only is the amount of money the actress may earn for her role in Hyper Knife not the amount being reported, it is actually quite a distance away from it.

Then again, even if it was, it really is none of your business how much Park Eun Bin earns for each episode of Hyper Knife.

You are not paying her salary, your taxes aren’t paying her salary and, as far as I know, you don’t have money invested in the Hyper Knife production company, so you are not paying her salary via that revenue model either.

In other words, butt out when it comes to the money Park Eun Bin may earn for Hyper Knife.

After all, she is an extremely talented actress (one of the best in South Korea at theĀ  moment), with a history of helping make the dramas she performs in into big hits.

It is also up to the Korean actress and her agency to negotiate a fair salary per episode for her work on it and, frankly, as Park Eun Bin is not sticking her nose into your income, why are you sticking your nose into hers?

Especially as, when it comes to South Korean actors/actresses, overall they are paid a fraction of the money an American artist would be paid for their work in a similar drama in the United States.

What is Hyper Knife?

Hyper Knife is an upcoming medical thriller that follows a woman who is both a psychopathic doctor and a murderer, and one who attempts to kill her teacher only to be reunited with him at a later time.

The drama is based on a popular webtoon written by Kim Sun Hee, who is also in charge of the script.

Park Eun Bin has been offered the role of psychopath Jung Se Ok, although nothing has yet been confirmed nor a contract signed, while Soi Kyung Gu is also said to be starring as the professor.

We will keep you posted on any news or confirmation about Park Eun Bin’s role in the Korean drama but, as far as the actress’s salary for Hyper Knife goes, I don’t care.

And neither should you.

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