Queen of Tears Ep 2 ratings and user comments hint at HUGE hit for the tvN drama

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The ratings for Queen of Tears, Episode 2 saw a big jump from its premiere

It was pretty obvious the new tvN drama Queen of Tears could be a hit after it premiered on Saturday night to higher ratings than its very successful predecessor Captivating the King.

After last night’s ratings for Queen of Tears, Episode 2, that success looks to be even closer as the Korean rom-com saw a huge jump in its audience share, both nationwide and in Seoul.

The latest data from Nielsen Korea shows the Queen of Tears, Episode 2 ratings earned an almost 3.0 percent jump from Episode 1’s audience share of 5.85 percent to last night’s 8.66 percent.

That is a huge jump from one episode to the next.

Throw in that the ratings for Queen of Tears, Episode 2 in Seoul were even better, jumping from the first episode’s already healthy audience share of 6.49 percent to last night’s almost double digit rating of 9.82 percent, and it could be safe to say Queen of Tears may end up as one of this season’s biggest hits.

International ratings for Queen of Tears

Remember too, Queen of Tears is now streaming internationally on Netflix.

And, if the comments about the K-drama over on the highly-trafficked website My Drama List are anything to go by, it will likely appear high up on the Netflix Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart when that date officially releases tomorrow.

(Check back to Leo Sigh tomorrow, and we’ll give you the scoop).

After all, most users of My Drama List are already raving about the fun plot, the superb performances and, of course, how incredibly good looking the two main stars are in the drama, with comments ranging from:

OMG! My heart has never raced this way before .for a drama that is! Very enticing and the plot and story is so much different! How can I survived the wait for episode 3? Please help! LOL


Episode 2 made laugh so hard. Lol. KSH is nailing this role. The leads are so funny together, also they have great chemistry even though they think they not together emotionally. KJW looks so beautiful and hot here, loved all her scenes and her character’s perspective.

The leads obviously love each other but because of their communication skills being poor they think their other half doesn’t care much about them. Really hope there isn’t much angst or unnecessary jealousy because of the SML.

Hoping to see more from the FL’s perspective in future episodes. They have nailed the black comedy here. Looking forward to next episodes very much.

Yep, it’s highly likely Queen of Tears will be yet another tvN hit. Yay!

Queen of Tears stars the superb cast of Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won, Park Sung Hoon, Kwak Dong Yeon, and Lee Joo Bin.

Its next episode will air/stream on Saturday, March 16th on tvN in South Korea, and Netflix almost everywhere else.

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