Shin Hyun Been, Moon Sang Min in Cinderella at 2AM – age-gap romance coming to Coupang Play

Photo courtesy Coupang Play

Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min star in Cinderella at 2AM as an older woman terrible at love, and her younger chaebol former boyfriend determined to win her heart

Various Korean news media outlets are reporting confirmation today that Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min have been cast as main leads in upcoming Coupang Play drama Cinderella at 2AM (새벽 두 시의 신데렐라 in Korean).

The new K-drama is to be directed by Bo Ra! Deborah‘s Seo Min Jung, with scripts by Oh Eun Ji (Ugly Miss Young Ae).

The excellent supporting cast includes Yoon Park (Doctor Slump), Park So Jin (Delightfully Deceitful), Hong Bi Ra (The Good Bad Mother) and Kim Gyu Nam (Youn Hee’s Love).

According to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, the Cinderella at 2AM plot goes like this:

‘Cinderella at 2 AM’ is a romantic comedy drama that tells the story of a realist who believes there is no Cinderella in reality, and a romanticist who thinks conditions are not important when it comes to love.

Shin Hyun Bin plays Ha Yoon Seo, a woman who is armed with a sense of reality.

Yoon Seo is a character who breaks up with her younger boyfriend, Seo Joo Won (played by Moon Sang Min), after finding out that he is a third-generation chaebol and receiving an envelope of money that Joo Won’s mother gave her to break up with him.

Seo Joo Won, however, is a younger man with a pure heart. He believes conditions or differences do not matter if someone is in love, and so tries to change Yoon Seo’s mind even after she tells him they are done.

The upcoming K-drama will tell the romance between a successful career woman who is not good at dating and a conglomerate man who hides his identity as a regular employee at his mother’s company.
Yeah, everything about the K-drama sounds superb.
As for main leads Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min, the actress’ most recent drama was the very popular Tell Me That You Love Me alongside Jung Woo Sung, while Moon Sang Min is currently starring in tvN’s Wedding Impossible.
Cinderella at 2AM is based on the webtoon of the same name by Algome, and is scheduled to premiere in the latter half of 2024 on Coupang Play and JTBC.
No word yet on where Cinderella at 2AM will stream internationally. We will update you as soon as that information is released.

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