The Midnight Studio Ep 1 ratings strong versus most ENA dramas on Monday/Tuesday nights

Joo Won in The Midnight Studio — photo courtesy ENA

The Midnight Studio‘s first ratings beat out most other ENA dramas in the last year

The new ENA drama The Midnight Studio premiered last night to a nationwide rating of 2.10 percent, and an audience share of a slightly higher 2.22 percent in Seoul.

While not a huge rating compared to other K-dramas airing in the current season, The Midnight Studio, Episode 1 rating is high for an ENA drama airing on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Especially when you compare it to other ENA dramas airing on a Monday/Tuesday night in 2023.

Those ENA dramas’ ratings for their first episode looked like this:

  • Tell Me That You Love Me (1.51 percent/1.81 percent)
  • Pale Moon (0.97 percent/1.05 percent)
  • Oh! Youngsim (0.64 percent nationwide)
  • Lies Hidden In My Garden (1.19 percent/1.23 percent)
  • Not Others (1.26 percent/1.25 percent)

As you can see, The Midnight Studio, Episode 1 ratings were higher than all of those K-drama’s first episodes, and much higher than a couple of them.

In other words, let’s see what the ratings for Episode 2 look like tonight when they are released by Nielsen Korea.

But, if they are remotely similar, the The Midnight Studio could end up as one of ENA’s higher rated dramas.

When does The Midnight Studio air?

The Midnight Studio stars Joo Won, Kwon Nara, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk, and follows the story of a bad-tempered photographer, Seo Ki Joo (played by Joo Won), who only takes photographs of the deceased that come into his studio.

Enter lawyer Han Bom (Kwon Nara), who is struggling to find clients, and who comes across Seo Ki Joo’s photography studio, and his clientele of restless ghosts.

It is then she wonders, can she use her legal skills to help the ghosts who are often restless due to unfinished business in their former lives?

The very-entertaining-so-far Korean drama airs every Monday and Tuesday evening on ENA at 22:00 (KST), with Viki streaming it in some international regions.

The next episode airs/streams tonight.

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