What’s 1st karaoke song Lee Seon Ja and Nam Hae Yi sing in Crash Course in Love?

The ongoing K-drama Crash Course in Love is one of the best romantic comedies to come out of Korea in a long time.

Especially as, at least in the first six episodes, there is more comedy than romance and what there is has turned out to be hilarious.

Crash Course in Love, though, isn’t just fabulous for its plot, characters (every single one of them!), comedy, drama/tragedy and superb acting, it has also grabbed my attention for several of the songs played on the Korean drama’s soundtrack.

Including the first song Lee Seon Ja (played by Lee Chae Min) and Nam Hae Yi (Roh Yoon Seo) sing at karaoke.

A song that was stuck in my head for hours after I watched Crash Course in Love, Episode 6, until I finally broke down and put it on repeat on Spotify.

That song, of course, is Zico’s ‘Any Song‘.

A hip hop/dance track that was written by the South Korean rapper, and released on his third EP Random Box in 2020.

Upon release,┬áZico’s ‘Any Song‘ was so darned addictive, particularly due to its incredibly catchy chorus, it became a big hit in Korea followed by a success in the United States, Singapore, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

The track went on to be nominated for awards at three Korean awards shows, and won almost all of them. It was also certified Platinum in Korea.

Listen to Zico’s ‘Any Song‘, the first karaoke song from Crash Course in Romance‘s fun “blow off steam” scene between Lee Seon Ja and Nam Hae Yi in the song’s official music video, which has over 118 million views on YouTube, and on the Spotify player (more than 144 million plays) below.

And, of course, watch Crash Course in Romance on Netflix if the K-drama is airing in your region. It really is one of the best dramas to come out of Korea since last year’s Crazy Love.


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