YOASOBI’s U.S. tour is NOT a tour, but here’s where you can see them

Two concerts in California does not constitute a ‘U.S. tour’

While the Japanese indie pop duo YOASOBI has announced their first U.S. tour, it really isn’t much of a tour at all.

Not considering YOASOBI will only be performing two concerts.

One in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco — ie: not even leaving California — so you can hardly call what the duo is doing an “American” anything.

That being complained about, if you are interested in seeing YOASOBI perform in the United States, where they will be soon heading for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards on March 2nd, they will be performing two concerts.

Those YOASOBI concerts will be held on April 18th, 2024 in Los Angeles, and April 21st in San Francisco.

The L.A. concert will take place at the Shrine Expo Hall, while their San Francisco performance will be held at The Warfield.

No, sorry, two concerts don’t make a U.S. concert tour.

Just like the latest Japanese and Korean fad of releasing a “singles album” that features two songs. It’s pretty much deception in marketing.

Both concerts, by the way, are supported by Crunchyroll – a former anime company that has now gone all-in on Japanese entertainment since being bought out by Sony a couple of years ago.


More concert dates being added to the YOASOBI U.S. tour?

Let’s hope then that Sony, in all its wisdom, is able to add a few more dates to this so-called YOASOBI U.S. concert tour, as it seems a pity for them to travel all this way only to be able to perform to a miniscule number of their fans.

There is no word yet, though, on if that will happen.

We will keep you informed if it does.

Where to buy YOASOBI U.S. concert tickets?

Tickets for the YOASOBI L.A. concert can currently be bought via Goldenvoice (be careful, that quite dodgy platform allows resellers to sell tickets, and prices can go very high),.

The YOASOBI San Francisco concert tickets are also available via Goldenvoice here.

Update: Word online from annoyed YOASOBI fans is that both the YOASOBI L.A. concert and the one in San Francisco have already sold out.

Fingers crossed for new YOASOBI concerts in the U.S. to be added then, right?


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