All songs/music in Crash Course in Romance Episode 3 plus scenes you hear them in

The Crash Course in Romance, Episode 3 featured more songs and more music on its soundtrack than the second episode, with a couple of tracks showing up in the drama for the first time.

Like in the previous episodes, it is difficult to find a Korean drama of recent years with this high of a level of music on its soundtrack.

So much so, I still have many of the tracks on repeat on Spotify over a week since the drama ended its run.


Crash Course in Romance title‘ by Jin Myoung Yong

Of course, it is the Crash Course in Romance title music that is playing in Episode 3 as Choi Chi Yeol, acting like a child, races Nam Haeng Seon in his car while she is running on the sidewalk.

And, of course, she wins as he suddenly has to stop for the pedestrian crossing, leaving him unable to do anything but glare at her as she walks in front of his car and sticks her tongue out at him.

It’s Sunny today‘ by Grass

The song made its first appearance on Episode 1, and is now back for Crash Course in Romance, Episode 3 where it was played as Nam Haeng Seon is running to the Pride Academy to get a seat ticket for Hae Yi, and almost knocks Choi Chi Yeol over as he enters the banchan shop.

It continues playing as she runs for tickets over the next few days, and as Hae Yi slowly moves to the front of the class as her “mother” gets better tickets for her.

Have a great day today‘ by Yoo Jong Hyun

This lovely, perky and upbeat song plays as Choi Chi Yeol shows up at the banchan shop with Ji Dong Hee to discover Nam Haeng Seon has made a ton of food for him and his staff.

It continues playing as Choi Chi Yeol apologizes to her, and both he and Nam Haeng Seon keep bowing to each other getting lower and lower as they do.

A painful story‘ by Yoo Jong Hyun

The lovely but quite melancholic track returns from the first two episodes, this time on Crash Course in Romance, Episode 3 when Choi Chi Yeol is at the restaurant with his “friends”, takes a phone call and then hears them trashing him as he starts to return to the table.

It continues playing as he goes back to the Pride Academy but, just as he is about to open the door to eat dinner with his co-workers, he hears them trashing him as well.

The happiness I felt for the first time‘ by Shin Min Yong

The chirpy music plays as Nam Haeng Seon calls Hae Yi to ask if she wants to take the exam for the All Care course at Pride Academy.

Hae Yi says “We can barely afford the math course”, but Haeng Seon insists she should try to get into the exclusive course as it would help her be admitted to medical school.

The track plays again at the end of the episode, as a drunk Nam Haeng Seon notices Choi Chi Yeol and rushes over to him shouting “Thank you”, then hilariously picks him up and spins him around until they both fall over.

Toward the high ground‘ by Kim Wanjung

The track was played as Nam Haeng Seon gives Choi Chi Yeol a ride on her scooter after he is late for the parents’ presentation.

It continues playing in the exam room, as Lee Seon Jae asks Hae Yi if she can create a delay for five minutes, so that he has time to arrive for the test.

Gypsophila‘ by Lee Ju Hyuk

The Crash Course in Romance ending theme for the first few episodes is played at the end of Episode 3, right after Nam Haeng Seon picks up Choi Chi Yeol and then drops him.

Read more about the song here.

And that is all the songs and main pieces of music on Crash Course in Romance, Episode 3.

You can find the tracks from Episode 1 and Episode 2 on Leo Sigh too.

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