Conchita Wurst’s Official ‘Heroes’ Video Releases Friday 21 November (Teasers)

conchita wurst official heroes video


I’ve spent a chunk of my week watching teeny tiny video teasers from Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst who, it seems, is determined to drive her fans (well, at least me) nuts. So, I have to say, I really must love her a lot, as my patience tends to wear thin with things like this, but……..not with her.

That’s because Conchita has been teasing the upcoming official video for her new single ‘Heroes‘ for the last five days. Courtesy of cryptic photos, and video teasers that show nothing more than Conchita singing one line of the song, a 19th century camera, a beautiful yet emotionally dead boy, falling people, a gun, something splashing into possibly paint or milk, and the girl herself emerging from behind a mask.

A distinctly masculine Conchita too, if the truth be told.

It’s the flatter wig she’s chosen, topped with a jeweled head ornament, and bleached out eyebrows that give her, this time, a much less ‘girly‘ appearance than normal.

But…’s just one of the hundred and one things I love about her. That she’s not only willing to take chances and do things differently, and is intelligent enough to always pull them off, but that she is both feminine and masculine in just about equal amounts and, both of them, are absolutely lovely.

In fact, to some extent, she’s about as close as you can get to the perfect person. Although I haven’t met her yet, and will judge that properly when I do. (No pressure, Conchita, I’m a good judge of people so there’s absolutely┬áno chance you will disappoint).

As for the video, luckily for my patience, or lack thereof, the official video for Conchita Wurst’s ‘Heroes’ will be released tomorrow, Friday, November 21st on her YouTube channel.

You can expect a review going up here on Leo Sigh shortly after. Do watch it, as I want this to be a big hit for her. Don’t worry. I’m expecting it to be good.

Meanwhile, just so I can put you through some of the agony I’ve had to endure this week, you can watch Conchita Wurst’s ‘Heroes‘ video teasers below.

Told you. Annoying. ­čÖé


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